MPS Gas Detection Sensors

Gas Detection

The Analog-Relay-Board ARB2, possibly the world's smallest analog controller, made by MSR-Electronic in Germany, is a cutting-edge solution for gas detection.

Designed for continuous monitoring of the ambient air, it detects toxic, combustible, and refrigerant gases by connecting to an analog 4-20 mA sensor, such as the MC2 sensor.

This board monitors measured values and triggers alarms when preset thresholds are exceeded. Its advantages include modular technology, easy maintenance and calibration, and SIL compliance. Furthermore, it supports sensors at distances of up to 500 m, offering protection against reverse polarity, overload, and short circuits.

With versatile operating voltage options and various types of enclosures with IP65 protection class, the ARB2 stands out in industrial safety and risk prevention related to gas detection.

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