Estructuras de metal

UNISTRUT hot-dip galvanized cable channels, tray and ladder, in addition to galvanization to BS EN ISO 1461, receive additional protection in the form of a transparent passivation coating.

As part of this protection, the coating minimizes the risk of staining effects, such as wet handling and storage stain (white rust), which prevail during the initial period of the product life cycle.

UNISTRUT's choice of high-strength steel used for our supporting components over common-grade steels reflects the company's commitment to quality and performance. Steel, grade S315MC according to BS EN 10149-2, is a modern low-alloy steel with specific high-performance properties for cold forming.

The steels are microalloyed with niobium, titanium and vanadium, which allows to maintain low carbon and manganese contents. The steels are produced by metallurgical processes that ensure very high purity of the steels, and are finished in a carefully controlled thermomechanical rolling process that guarantees consistent properties.

UNISTRUT is recognized as a leading reliable provider of mechanical and electrical support systems and services throughout the construction and industrial industry.

This reputation is the result of UNISTRUT's ongoing commitment to developing and maintaining the highest possible quality standard in the production of its product range.

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