CPS Pumps

CPS pumps

Corode mechanical seal pumps are extremely suitable for pumping highly corrosive chemicals and liquids containing small particles. Particularly in combination with liquids containing metal particles and / or residues.

Therefore, the use of the Corode seal pump is an excellent alternative to the magnetic drive pump.


Corode sealing pumps are also used in combination with filter units for degreasing. How to remove oils and / or greases from the contaminated process liquid and pump and clean degreasing baths, rinses and sewage, and other liquids that contain oil and / or grease residues.

Pump casing

In addition, Corode seal pumps are equipped with a PP pump casing. Depending on the area of ​​application, the gasket can be supplied as ceramic-ceramic or carbon-ceramic-ceramic. A wide range of gaskets is also available.


The Corode sealing pump is available with a maximum pump capacity of 7 m³ / h up to and including 20 m³ / h.


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