Today we want to tell you that from PISA, we collaborate with the Complutense University of Madrid in their summer courses that they will teach at El Escorial.

This time, in our desire to achieve the sustainability of the planet through each gesture, we are working on the course “Sustainable Chemistry: Challenges and Opportunities” on July 27, 2021.

Organized by Albertina Cabañas and Lourdes Calvo, it will be about:

  • The principles of Sustainable Chemistry
    Prof. Santiago Vicente Luis, JaumeI University of Castellón. 
  • Sustainable solvents: supercritical fluids, ionic liquids, solvent-free processes …
    Prof. Lourdes Calvo, Complutense University of Madrid 
  • Science and the 2030 Agenda: How technology is contributing to the achievement of the SDGs
    Prof. Javier García, University of Alicante, president-elect of IUPAC. 
  • Sustainable biorefineries
    Prof. Mª José Cocero, University of Valladolid 
  • Circular Economy and Sustainable Chemistry at Repsol
    Dr. Enrique Espí Guzmán, Repsol 
  • Plastics and Circular Economy Strategy in the EU
    Dr. Juan Ruiz, Plastics Europe 
  • Business opportunity and employability in Sustainable Chemistry.
    Speakers of the day with PTECO2

It also has a Scholarship system that you can request before May 26, 2021 at this Web Address

Do not miss this opportunity to expand your curricular range by preparing yourself for the challenges that are already underway.