Fittings and Valves

Fittings and Valves

The connection must be able to use the characteristics of "Medium pressure", worked cold.

Heavy duty instrument tube used by the offshore oil and gas industry. Wells are being drilled at unprecedented depths and we need a connection that is
capable of at least 20,000 psi working pressure and temperatures close to 400 ° F but easier to create and assemble than current cone and thread connections.

We see that the Cone & Thread connection, when properly made and installed by trained people, is the safest and most secure.

Connection available for high pressure available, but it is very difficult to obtain and maintain instrument technicians with this knowledge. We need something easier to invent and install. We are familiar with and like Parker's Double Ferrule Design (MPI) and Autoclave Single Sleeve Design (QSS) but both are limited to 15,000 psi and we are always concerned about tube ejection.

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